looking for graduate students

The Frost Museum Lab Consortium is looking for multiple highly motivated graduate students. And we’re about to broadcast this advertisement to the world:


Graduate Fellowships
Insect Systematics and Evolution
Pennsylvania State University

Multiple graduate opportunities are available for students interested in insect biodiversity and evolution, especially:

  • evolutionary-developmental biology (evo-devo) of complex traits
  • evolutionary genomics
  • phylogenetics
  • descriptive taxonomy, including species description
  • comparative morphology
  • biodiversity informatics, especially the use of ontologies in biodiversity research

Students will be part of a highly integrative and energetic lab consortium, led by Heather M. Hines (hmh19@psu.edu) and Andrew R. Deans (adeans@psu.edu) and based, in part, at the Frost Entomological Museum. Current taxonomic expertise includes Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera, but students interested in other arthropod groups will be considered. Research/travel stipends available.

Links to grad programs:
http://ento.psu.edu/graduatestudents (Deans or Hines)
http://bio.psu.edu/graduate-portal (Hines)


I’ll update this post when I get the dates for the Entomology graduate student recruitment weekend (end of January?) and any other relevant info. In the meantime please feel free to disseminate these opportunities broadly or contact me with questions.

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