You may have run into it already, but we have a new blog for the Frost Entomological Museum. It’ll probably be a bit more active shortly (and certainly more active than our lab blog). Anyway, we just posted an advert for FOUR Frost Museum biodiversity interns, which is pretty exciting. We’re also about to start posting regularly on our progress to digitize the Beatty Odonata collection. Very exciting things happening with respect to those specimens! You can check out the first phase here: spreadsheet of verbatim collecting events, Beatty Mexico expeditions (1957–1959, 1962).

Image of Salto de Eyipantla, from a postcard collected by the Beattys during one of their expeditions to Mexico. Odonata were collected here in 1959 by them.

We also have a couple more papers that have been accepted, which are probably worth discussing in more detail. I’ll wait for the ‘online early’ version, though. One was described as a “tour de force”, which, I have to admit, feels pretty good.

1 thought on “updates

  1. I have my collection of insects, butterflies and moth from my childhood and still relish in natural history in my fifties. Just went to Peru and the Amazon jungle and lived some of my fantasy seeing countless amazing specimens. Costa Rica was wonderful as well. And now I live right near the Tudek Butterfly Garden which is great. I look forward to the Frost’s new look but only wish some big donor would target a couple $million for it.

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