Our latest preprint: Phenotypes in insect biodiversity research

Our latest preprint is now available!

Mikó, I and AR Deans (2015) Phenotypes in insect biodiversity research. Available through bioRxiv, DOI: 10.1101/032425

This is a first (rough!) draft of a book chapter that will accompany several other articles about insect biodiversity research. In it we try to describe some advances in the field of phenotype data representation and how they are infiltrating biodiversity research. We’d love your feedback.

Also, I love bioRxiv, but I admit that it didn’t seem to be the right outlet for what amounts to a review paper. They ask you to classify your manuscript as New Results, which is “an advance in a field” [I guess this is us?], Confirmatory Results, which means “findings largely replicate and confirm previously published work”, or Contradictory Results, which “replicate[s] experimental approaches used in previously published work but results contradict and/or do not support it”. This slight confusion will not stop me from using bioRxiv, however, which is an awesome resource.

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